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Original artwork by Grey Hall

Watercolor artist Grey Hall never misses a moment to merge her creative artistry onto textile, transforming what begins as a simple idea on textured paper into fashion and wearable art. Grey paints unique scenes inspired by her travels that reflect beauty from around the globe. She is drawn by her family ties to Georgia and the South where she finds allure in the romantic, drooping Spanish moss and fanciful dogwood petals. Bringing style and story telling into the design, she includes subtle integration of the state bird, flower and fruit reimagined with painterly brush strokes in an elegant timeless composition. When not at the drawing board, Grey is grabbing her racquet to play tennis or jogging in the park taking in the world's beauty.


100% Silk twill 

Hand rolled hems

36 x 36 in

Care Instructions:
Protect your Banniere Scarf by storing it folded in your traveling blue envelope. Keep it untied and in a dry area. Dry clean when needed.