Middleburg Scarf
Middleburg Scarf
Middleburg Scarf

Middleburg Scarf

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Original artwork by Lydia Marie Elizabeth

 Lydia grew up with paint brushes and pencils in her hand. Throughout her education she studied fine art and design, honing her attention to detail in architecture and interiors. While Lydia was raised in Loudoun County, some of her most treasured memories occurred on the streets of the town and in the hills beyond. In Lydia’s eyes, no town can hold a candle to Middleburg. This scarf is an ode to the beautiful Middleburg Christmas Hunt, the sly fox that will always elude it, and the traditions of American small towns. 


100% Silk twill 

Hand rolled hems

36 x 36 in

Care Instructions:
Protect your Banniere Scarf by storing it folded in your traveling blue envelope. Keep it untied and in a dry area. Dry clean when needed.