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Original artwork by Pauline de Roussy de Sales

Le Jardin du Luxembourg has always felt like Pauline's backyard in Paris. As a child, she would join all the other Parisians on the lawns or benches, while enjoying ham and brie sandwiches with sweet summer cherry tomatoes from the nearby market. The Luxembourg gardens is one of Pauline's favorite places to people watch in warmer months; the day slips by as people enjoy a bit of welcomed sun, celebrating with a bottle of wine, or finding some tranquility from the city sounds. This illustration depicts the gardens as she often daydreams about them, a bright and cheerful place tucked in romantic Paris with the sweet smell of roses and freshly clipped hedges.


100% Silk twill 

Hand rolled hems

36 x 36 in

Care Instructions:
Protect your Banniere Scarf by storing it folded in your traveling blue envelope. Keep it untied and in a dry area. Dry clean when needed.